By Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs

Isn’t it funny how industry leaders believe that turning off lights, finding a channel on the TV, or turning on the radio constitutes as something being “smart”? Are these difficult tasks for human beings? When did humanity get so lazy? Nowadays, everything is “smart,” except for you, of course. They want you to believe you are incapable and need their help, while they turn on the mic, the camera, implant subliminal messaging or frequencies, and spy on you through constant surveillance systems running across the entire grid.

Most people don’t even realize the damage that is being done to them, the mind control they are sipping in, and the constant energy-sucking distractions that are steadily stealing their lives.

There was a CBS reality television series called ‘Hunted’ that aired back in 2017, whereby 18 everyday people set off in nine groups to try to get off-grid by evading the FBI and U.S. Marshals in a time where everything is digitally tracked. If they could last the full 28 days without being hunted down, they would win $250K. It was interesting to observe how some of the seemingly obvious things to avoid, they found very difficult to live without, and how at every turn and every corner they were picked off due to surveillance everywhere.

Now more than ever, it is becoming increasingly important for people to protect themselves from the various methods of mind control being utilized through technology. It is equally important to protect one’s privacy and preserve time and energy for living a more fulfilled life. Initially, it will take some time, courage, and support to cut a path toward healthier and safer habits and routines. This is where the Circle comes in and why it is so important.

Working together in a Circle will provide a supportive system with loyal people who have each other’s backs. Circle members can tackle tasks together, research and coordinate plans, and in this case, implement some new technology and features that will assist the Circle in moving forward in a safer environment for their home, families, and the Circle itself.

This piece is designed to inspire a discussion of “best practices.” We expect it to start a rich discussion that can lead to better network intelligence on how to use technology wisely.

It’s important to recognize and understand that nothing is truly 100% “safe” when it comes to privacy on the Internet, but we do the best we can to protect ourselves and minimize our exposure and footprint. If the powers-that-be truly want access, we all know they control the doorways.

The Infrastructure of Influence Operations

The infrastructure is somewhat boundless and seems to seep in from every crevice, but there are ways to minimize and avoid much of it. It’s important to recognize who and where it’s coming from, in order to begin removing and limiting all of this noise.

The Influencers

  • Social and news media
  • Entertainment industry
  • Education system – schools
  • Politicians
  • Big corp, big tech, and big pharma
  • Agents of influencers who make it seem like there is organic support for the narratives being pushed
  • Unknowing individuals who have been manipulated

Applications Used for Mind Control and Tracking

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Smartphones and smartwatches
  • Video games
  • GPS systems in vehicles
  • Cell towers
  • Smart meters
  • Surveillance cameras on every corner
  • Satellites and drones
  • Transhumanism-related technologies
  • AI and robotics
  • Smart devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Echo, Apple’s HomePod, or Google’s Nest Cam
  • Materials received in the mail
  • Visual aids such as signs, stickers, and plexiglass walls

Covert Invisible Forms of Mind Control

  • Long- and short-wave electromagnetic forces emitted in public spaces to induce certain feelings
  • Frequency manipulation
  • Subliminal programming
  • Brainwave manipulation
  • Entrainment technology
  • Waveform (can be transmitted through the entire power grid into our homes)

Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Your Circle

This is one of the most important checklists you will ever complete. Sure, it may take several weeks, but that’s okay; this isn’t a race. It’s important to accomplish these tasks sooner than later, but it will also feel like a bit of a transformation, so pace yourself. Many of these you can do yourself, but some of them will require a group effort. This is a good way for the Circle to come together, selecting which tasks to tackle first while assigning some of the items to the individuals most qualified to do them.

I would highly recommend working on the items that will impact the Circle first, such as setting up a private open-source cloud communications system for the group, encrypted email accounts, and encrypted calling services, such as Telegram. It might be wise to bring your cell phones to one meeting so that everyone can help one another out while installing these apps and carrying out other cell-phone-related tasks listed below. Once that is complete, cell phones should not be brought into meetings.

Many of these items are things you can do in your home and on your own. You may welcome them as new habits you find enjoy. Other items may be a little more challenging, which is why the support of the Circle is so powerful. You will have multiple people to offer a helping hand.

The Basics

  • Unplug and turn off your TV, or get rid of it entirely, especially if it’s a smart TV.
  • Limit all of the sounds and notifications on your phone to minimize constant distractions, and try to use the speaker when taking calls, rather than holding the phone against your ear.
  • You may consider setting up a second phone number on an app such as Kall8 to have forwarded to your phone. This will protect your main number and limit the amount of robocalls and other potential nefarious actions against you.
  • Clean out and organize files on your computer. Remove the 200 bookmarks you don’t need and only keep a small handful. Remove all the clutter to free your mind. Remove all application software you do not use.
  • Clear your browser cache weekly. For speed, browsers will automatically cache website information and sometimes they don’t accept change very well. Here are some handy cache clearing instruction links for MacOS Safari, iOS Safari, and FireFox. We do not recommend using Chrome or Outlook.
  • Always read the terms and conditions when downloading or installing any apps. It is not recommended to install social media apps; these are the most dangerous ones because they sneak in information that allows them to access other areas of your phone. The 2013 documentary ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ is a must-watch.
  • Never save your password when asked. If you forget your password and want to generate another, you will not be able to override the one you said to save. You will need to go into your Key Chain, find the password, and manually delete it from your system. The best policy is to not save your passwords to your computer. To keep them safe, write them down on a piece of paper and put in a safe place. You can’t hack paper. Computer security experts have begun recommending password managers such as Dashlane1PasswordLastpass, and Roboform. There are some major advantages to these services, as they generate and remember your passwords for you. You create one master password to access them. The information is saved onto your devices and powerfully encrypted so it’s almost impossible to hack. Be sure to always set up passwords and logins with double authentication where it’s available.
  • Unsubscribe to everything you find unnecessary. They can put subliminal messages directly into emails as well.
  • If you are backing up files from your computer, back them up to an external hard drive, not to an online cloud.
  • Take some time every day to be out in nature and ground yourself.
  • Meditate and/or pray several times a week, and consider Qi Gong to clear your energy field each day. This will help ground you as well. Lee Holden is a great source for free Qi Gong videos you can follow along to. Catherine loves Yuan Gong, and also provides a prayer book on the Solari Report, available in pdf download or for purchase.
  • Keep your computer and mobile phone operating systems and applications up-to-date.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

  • Ditch the smartphone if you can. If you can’t, we find Apple phones and Linux-based phones far preferable to Android. Beware, because both Apple- and Linux-based phones must connect with telecommunication providers and that is where a lot of the trouble can start. Linux-based phones take more knowledge and enjoy less tech support, so appreciate you may need help from a Linux phone pro. Apps are the big problem, so be careful what you download and put on your phone. Consider leaving your phone turned off and in the car. If you want to use a Faraday bag, appreciate that most do not work. Here is one that does, by Select Fabricators.
  • Remove all tracking apps from your cell phone, and all applications you don’t need or use.
  • It is best to uninstall social media apps from cell phones.
  • Use encrypted services for phone calls and messaging, such as Telegram, which can also be utilized on a desktop computer.
  • Don’t sleep with any spyware technology in your bedroom, especially a smartphone.
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your phone unless it’s absolutely necessary to occasionally turn on.
  • If using GPS in your vehicle, be sure it is not one that transmits. Some experts believe all of them do; others say no, just some. We are not sure. Consider buying a hard GPS. Never ever use Google maps. It would be a wise idea to pick up some good old-fashioned large printed road maps. Know where you are going using maps and be aware of the institutions and sites around you (like military and enforcement locations).
  • No video platform is safe, so understand that you may be recorded.
  • Avoid corporate operating systems, including all Windows operating systems, Chromebooks, and Amazon Fire computers.
  • Use Libre Office or OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office.
  • Use Thunderbird instead of Microsoft Outlook.
  • MacOS is recommended, or load a good Linux desktop distribution like Ubuntu Desktop or Mint on your existing PC hardware.
  • If you’re using MacOS, make sure your firewall is enabled and you know how to configure it.
  • Use ClamXAV Anti-Virus.
  • FireFox has a built-in ad blocker or you can use Privacy Badger for FireFox. For all browsers, you can use uBlock Origin ad.
  • Experts have differing opinions on VPNs, which are virtual private networks that mask and hide your location, providing privacy and anonymity. I personally use VPNs and have found them to work quite well for me. That said, proxy servers are also beneficial and some experts prefer using those. A proxy server is a remote application or appliance that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from servers that provide those resources, which allows you to mask and hide your location. Some popular free proxy servers are: Hidester,, ProxySite, KProxy, VPNBook, Megaproxy, and Zend2.
  • For search engines, consider using DuckDuckGo for a start page.
  • Avoid visiting questionable websites to avoid viruses and trojans.
  • Scams are at an all-time high, so be careful not to click on links inside emails, but rather type the url into a search bar instead if you’re not sure the email is legit.
  • Don’t use unsecured public Wi-Fi. In your home, connect directly by ethernet if you can. If your ISP provides you a router with built-in Wi-Fi, ask them to turn it off for you; then purchase a Netgear or Linksys mesh router, and plug it into the back of your router, which will allow you to turn off Wi-Fi when not using it. Here is a handy tutorial.
  • Take the time to go into various background search databases and remove yourself from them, along with all other sites, and reduce your digital footprint. Every time you enter your full address and contact info into another website, there’s a good chance it’s being sold off to third parties.
  • Don’t use email services by large corporations. If you need an alternative, we recommend ProtonMail and StartMail. If you’re looking for a full-service provider that can provide website registration, hosting, and email for your domain, we recommend infomaniak.
  • An often overlooked source of domestic electromagnetic field (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) exposure comes from nearby high-tension power lines; AM, FM, and shortwave broadcast; TV stations; and nearby military bases. These sources often present radically higher EMF and RF exposure levels than cell phones and Bluetooth. Effective radiated power can reach, and possibly exceed, one million watts. The only way to really know your level of exposure is to hire a reputable engineering firm that can perform the required studies. This is an expensive solution, but it will remove all doubt.

Observation and Introspection to Avoid Mind Control Techniques

  • When spending time on a computer, cell phone, or television, pay attention to your energy or emotions switching, like suddenly feeling warm and fuzzy or irritated. If you feel this shift for seemingly no reason, there is a good chance you were subjected to a subliminal message or wave. Clear your mind, clear your energy field, and center your heart to get back on track. The more in tune you become, the more you will recognize the need to minimize use of these devices and free your mind from the attacks.
  • Observe your reactions: If you are doing, feeling, thinking, or saying something that seems “off” to you, you were likely manipulated. Did you suddenly feel drawn to or inspired by someone who you don’t really care for?
  • Check yourself with your friends or Circle to help keep you on track.
  • When you turn on a piece of equipment, understand what their incentive is. Are they selling you something? Are they trying to help you or harm you?

Protect Your Children

  • Everything above that pertains to phones, television, and the Internet should also be managed on your children’s devices, with the addition of parental control settings.
  • Not to invoke fear, but I do not recommend a smartphone for children due to the high level of indoctrination, entrainment mind control tactics, and predators targeting children.
  • Pornography is a huge industry that directly correlates to the child trafficking industry, generating $150 billion in revenue annually. Protecting your children from technology that drives these industries is of the utmost importance. I have written extensive reports on child trafficking nests and how they operate. Pornography is the gateway. The entertainment industry is famous for sexualizing children (just look at Netflix’s ‘Cuties’). Pornography is also a trap—if someone is browsing pornography and stumbles upon kiddie pornography, a control file may be created, which can be used at any time to entrap a person into a felony, or for blackmail purposes.
  • Search your local sex offenders registry and be aware of who is in your neighborhood. You may consider showing the mugshot photos to your children and letting them know that they should not befriend these individuals if they see them in the neighborhood.
  • If your children are still in public schools, be sure to review their entire curriculum, especially the books they are to read and any books being read to them. Also explore the school library. They have been indoctrinating children through books for several decades now—filling their minds with broken families, the message not to trust parents, the transgender agenda, the climate change hoax, very dark stories to instill fear, and books that incite rage and anger.
  • Find out what your children are learning about and discussing in school, what signs and visual aids are posted throughout the school, and what they are playing on televisions in the classrooms.
  • Most public schools are pushing the transgender agenda, telling children they can “choose” to be a boy or girl and trying to create a gender identity crisis. From locker rooms to sporting events to pronouns to removing the words “mom and dad,” they are seeding children’s minds with mass confusion.
  • Planned Parenthood is involved with many public schools as well, and their goal is to sexualize the children. Find out if they are involved with your children’s schools.
  • Climate change and sustainability are a huge veil that has been placed over children’s eyes to make them believe they need to grow up and fight for the environment, when it’s really about training them to be good soldiers for controlled smart cities. Be sure to teach your children the difference between respecting and caring for the environment versus the “climate change” agenda. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are good places to review this.
  • Solari has a dedicated page covering mind control techniques used on young people and children.
  • Catherine recommends Shawn Marie Edgington’s book, The Parent’s Guide to Texting, Facebook, and Social Media: Understanding the Benefits and Dangers of Parenting in a Digital World (paperback edition, April 1, 2011).

Using Technology to Your Advantage

  • Create an open-source cloud that the Circle can use to share documents. Get off the public cloud. Set up your own cloud on a local computer that someone in the Circle owns so that documents can be shared among the group. Someone in the Circle who is technology-oriented would be best suited to set it up. Here are some basic instructions for utilizing open-source software. OR, if you have someone who is technologically savvy, the better option would be to set up a cloud server from scratch on Linux. OR, set up a Network Attached Storage (NAS), which is cloud-based open-source software that is preconfigured on the hardware and software level, that can be purchased.
  • There are a lot of EMF detectors and devices to protect from too much EMF, available online. I have personally purchased a few items from LessEMF. There are other stores available as well, such as EMR Shielding Solutions and Select Fabricators, but I am not familiar with them or other companies, so be sure to do your due diligence with research. That said, Catherine’s tech team says that the Faraday pouches from Select Fabricators do work, so I am optimistic about their other products.
  • I use an iMRS PEMF mat for health and keeping my energy field clear. Catherine uses Blushield for EMF protection and QRS for health and keeping her energy field clear.
  • The Circle might wish to brainstorm some ideas for utilizing the Internet to educate others or sell a product or service to raise funds that can be used for small software or technology purchases.
  • Play some Bach or Gregorian chanting or Buddhist chanting to relax to soothing frequencies.

Free Your Mind

Once many of these tasks become habits and routine, you will begin to feel a sense of relief, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You will have more free time, less distraction, and less confusion. You will likely feel more privacy and a sense of freedom, as well as feeling safer and more secure. You may also notice a shift in your energy field, as though something that was once piercing it is no longer there.

If someone in the Circle is creating problems and is not contributing ethically or isn’t competent, you may have to make the tough decision to remove them from your Circle. The Circle is for support—not additional distractions or disruptions from meeting your goals. Just as in life, with friends, sometimes we have to sever ties.

Mantras and affirmations can be very powerful in deprogramming your mind from the infiltration of unneeded and unwanted information. Each morning upon waking, and at night before sleeping, say this mantra to yourself, or come up with one that works best for you.

“I will only allow information and frequencies into my mind and body that are for my best and highest good, that will serve my soul and keep me mentally and physically healthy.”

Always remember, you are not alone in this. Form your support Circle, and get to work!

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